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Running an impact business can be lonely...

Just because you care about people and planet, doesn't mean you're not here to build a profitable, thriving business.

Not everyone gets that, but we do. We know it can be hard to cut through the greenwashing, and produce products ethically and profitably. We understand the challenges of running an ethical business - and we know how to overcome them.

We're the first and largest online community for Big Why business founders like you! You're here to make an impact, we're here to help.

We give you the community, training, expertise and support you need to build a business that changes the world.

As a member, here's what you'll get...

  • Exclusive talks, masterclasses and Q&A sessions with industry leading experts
  • Access to a huge training library on everything from sales & marketing, business growth and mindset, to impact and sustainability, all tailored to impact-driven businesses like yours!
  • A free strategy assessment tailored to your business, to show you what you're doing well, and where you can improve (which will signpost you to the relevant sessions in our training library!)
  • Peer support inside our members-only WhatsApp group
  • One-to-one coaching and support sessions from communications, investment and business growth experts as often as you need them
  • Access to our trusted suppliers so you can find business support quickly and easily
  • Curated updates on the latest awards, PR and funding opportunities and events in the sector
  • Peer support, networking and facilitated introductions to like-minded changemakers

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A community that creates change...

When you join #EthicalHour, we provide you with a curated selection of the best content from across the internet, making it quick and easy for you to access the information and resources a busy changemaker needs.

We have a huge network of industry experts, trusted suppliers and inspiring changemakers that we give you access to.

And we provide tailored support to unlock the skills and knowledge to really move your impact forward.

Together, we’ll inspire each other and provide the much-needed accountability, connection and understanding necessary to create a bigger impact in the world!

Your Instructor

Sian Conway-Wood
Sian Conway-Wood

Sian Conway-Wood is a social entrepreneur, sustainability expert, bestselling author, speaker, and Founder of #EthicalHour.

She is an ethical marketing and communications strategist (MCIM) who helps Big Why business founders start and scale businesses which change the world. As the Founder of #EthicalHour, Sian has spent almost a decade building an influential network of over 66,000 changemakers who have helped shape the public conversation around sustainability – from influencing individual behaviour change, through to shaping national policy and turning the climate emergency into a mainstream media issue.

Sian was a Year of Green Action ambassador for UK government department DEFRA in 2019 and was named the UK’s Sustainability Influencer of the Year in 2018 and 2020. She has won multiple awards for her business and social impact, and she is a regular media commentator on sustainability, conscious consumerism and greenwashing in print, radio and television around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time commitment will this take?
This isn't a course - it's a library of training, resources and a supportive community you can dip in and out of. Typically, our members spend around 1-3 hours a month watching training, attending live sessions and one-to-ones. Of course you're welcome to spend longer networking with other members inside the group, but there's no pressure. You can fit your membership around your life and business. We're here to support you!
Will this work for product based businesses?
Absolutely! Most of our members are product-based business owners, from ethical fashion brands to Fairtrade homewares, even growing kits for kids! we tailor the training and content to the members in the group, so we'll always make sure to show you how to apply any strategies we share to product-based businesses. That's how we helped Kate launch her ethical fashion brand and make sales to strangers in her first few weeks!
Will this work for service based businesses?
Yes! We tailor everything we teach and share to who we've got in the community - so service based businesses won't get left out. We have copywriters, PR experts, marketing professionals and business coaches inside the community, and we recently helped one ethical business coach sell her first £9K coaching package using the strategies we teach in the group!
What type of Big Why business founders are already inside the community?
Our group is full of inspiring changemakers! Most people are in their first 5 years of starting and running their impact business, and our new members tell us they're looking for a sense of connection with like-minded entrepreneurs, which they certainly find here! We'll help connect you to other members on a similar mission to you, so you can make friends and build your contact book.
My business hasn't launched yet, when should I join?
We are here whenever you're ready for us, but we have supported a lot of our members at pre-launch stage - it also means you've got a team of cheerleaders here for you when you're ready to press go! All our members have been in the same position, so they'll happily answer questions and help you work through any worries, and there's plenty of training to help you plan the perfect launch!
What topics do you cover?
Our community is all about marketing, impact and business growth for Big Why businesses - helping you become a thought leader for your cause, sell more products or services, and increase your income and impact. Some of the things you'll learn include: Social media marketing, selling and networking without feeling sleazy, email marketing and list building, pitching yourself to the press, productivity, confidence, mindset and self-care. And we're always open to topic suggestions from our members so if you'd like to see something, let us know!
How is the training delivered?
All our existing training is hosted here on Teachable, organised into different pathways, and sorted by experience level - so you can quickly and easily find the best training for you. We regularly host meetups, Q&As and expert talks and masterclasses on Zoom, and make the replays available in the training library for those that can't attend live. You'll also have the option of connecting with fellow members in our exclusive WhatsApp group.
I'm in a different time zone to you, will it still work for me?
It will! We have members from all over the world. We record all our live sessions, so if you can't make it live, you can always catch the replay. When it comes to our virtual networking calls, we run them at different times throughout the day to make sure our international members can make it to a session.
Is this a course?
No. There isn't a set curriculum, and no fixed start and end date. Think of it like "pick and mix" - you can access the resources and advice you need, as and when you need them! There's no homework, no pressure and more of a sense of community than you'd typically get with an online course.
How do I cancel if I need to?
We'll be sad to see you go - but you can cancel any time in just a few clicks through your online dashboard - no explanation needed.
I'm not sure my business is ethical or sustainable enough...
Ethics mean different things to different people, and nobody is 100% sustainable. Whether you've just started on this journey or you've been doing it for years, you're welcome here! As long as your business is driven by purpose for people and planet as well as profit, we can help. Inside the library you'll find training on identifying your core values, mapping your business to the Sustainable Development Goals, measuring your impact, giving back to good causes and more. And we've got a database of green business suppliers we can connect you to, to help reduce your carbon footprint if that's something you're working on!
It sounds great, why is it so cheap?
We appreciate that small ethical businesses and startups can't always afford to work one-to-one with a consultant, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to access support to help get your business off the ground! By creating a membership community and delivering group training, we can afford to offer this at a lower rate than our consultancy work, which means we get to help even more changemakers thrive!
Why are you the right person to be teaching this?
Founder Sian Conway-Wood has been working in communications for over 10 years, so she know what works. In 2015 she decided to start living more ethically and sustainably, but had no idea how to start - so she began blogging and connecting with like-minded people on social media. She quickly realised that the ethical businesses she was meeting needed marketing help to tell their stories, and #EthicalHour was born! Sian left the corporate world in 2017 to run #EthicalHour full time - so she knows what it's like to start and grow a purpose driven business from scratch, and she's helped hundreds of impact entrepreneurs do the same. Her clients value her strategic knowledge, down to earth approach and insights into what it's like to be an ethical consumer at all stages of the journey. That's why Katie calls Sian her magical marketing unicorn! 🦄 Over the last few years Sian has built an extensive network of changemakers, experts and press contacts, which she can give you access to. Recently, her clients have been achieving amazing results, such as making their first sales to strangers within days of launching their brands, travelling around the world to showcase their work, appearing in major press publications like Forbes, Psychologies, Vegan Life etc and making an incredible impact for the causes they care about. I We can't wait to help you unlock similar results for your brand too!

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